14K Iceland Spar Bracelet


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14K Iceland Spar Bracelet
14K Iceland Spar Bracelet


✫ 14k yellow gold beads

✫ Natural Clear Calcite beads, grade AAA

✫ Natural white pearl charm

✫ Black adjustable string cord 

✫ Handmade with love


Adjustable: Approximately 5 3/4in +


Clear Calcite (Iceland Spar) - Insight, clarity, manifestation, forgiveness

Clear Calcite helps remove energetic blockages impeding one's spiritual connection. It assists in bringing clarity and understanding of the lessons behind current situations. When placed on the chakras or energy meridians, Clear Calcite can dissolve constrictions, stagnation densities, or other blocked energies, restoring proper flow. It is excellent for the third eye, as it helps to open that energy center and promote psychic vision. It can help those who have trouble seeing auras being to perceive colors and radiant light around others.
Clear Calcite helps release attachment to the past and encourages one to begin again with a clean slate. It can help one forgive oneself and others for past mistakes. Clear Calcite instills a new hopefulness and zest for all of life's experiences.

Mantra: I see all aspects of my self and the world with ever greater clarity, and I accept all that I see.


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14K Iceland Spar Bracelet
14K Iceland Spar Bracelet