Aquamarine Evil-Eye Bracelet


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Aquamarine Evil-Eye Bracelet
Aquamarine Evil-Eye Bracelet


✫ Natural Aquamarine beads, grade AAA

Natural shell opal evil eye

✫ Sterling Silver beads

✫ Black adjustable string Cord 

✫ Handmade with love


Adjustable: Approximately 5 1/2in +


Aquamarine - Cooling soothing, enhancement of clear communication

These Luminous gemstones are one of the wonders of the mineral kingdom. They are stones of the Water element, bringing one in touch with the subconscious, the domains of spirit, and our deepest emotions. Their energy is refreshing as a shower under a cool water-fall. Even though Aquamarine calms, it does not put one to sleep. Aquamarine brings one to a relaxed, but an alert stage of consciousness in which one is fully aware of one's knowledge, wisdom, and feelings, and able to articulate them with clarity and conviction.
Aquamarine is a stone of empowerment for both women and men, and it helps one realize that not all power comes from force. There is tremendous power in aligning oneself with the yielding vitality of life. Aquamarine connects to the Divine Feminine, the source of life energies, and those who wish to know her better can use this stone as a getaway.

Matra: I embody the yielding, cooling water, and I express my truth with calm certainty.

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Aquamarine Evil-Eye Bracelet
Aquamarine Evil-Eye Bracelet