14k Flower Evil Eye Bracelet - Sugilite


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14k Flower Evil Eye Bracelet - Sugilite
14k Flower Evil Eye Bracelet - Sugilite


✫ 14K white gold beads

✫ Flower evil-eye charm

✫ Natural Suligite beads 4mm

✫ Grey adjustable pull-string cord 

✫ Handmade with love


Adjustable: Approximately 5 3/4in +


Sugilite - Dreams, spiritual protection, and purification becoming a "beacon light."

The protective aspect of Sugilite is exceptional. Carrying or wearing a piece of Sugilite sets up a sort of shield of lite around the wearer, making one impervious to the disharmony of others. This sort of protection is especially crucial for gentle souls who tend to take on whatever energies are around them.
Sugilite is perhaps the most powerful stone for calling the Violet flame for purification. This energy can be of immeasurable benefit for those on the spiritual path, for it tends to burn away the grey spots in the auric field, removing negative attachments and karmic influences. Sugilite's Violet Flame energy makes it impossible for parasitic entities from the astral plane to remain in one auric area. When one begins to wear or carry Sugilite, an energetic cleansing process initiates. Toxic influences from one inner and outer environment are dialogue and dispelled. This process can also significantly speed up one's internal development and help one to be a spiritual beacon in the world.

Sugilite helps one belief in life's possibilities. It helps one envision something other than what is currently experienced, offering hope and optimism for a better future. Sugilite can aid in repelling negativity and in filling one's aura with high-frequency Light.

Mantra - I am safe and protected within my Own Bubble of Light, and I work to bring to reality my deepest dreams, as well as the collective vision of a planet of Light.


14k Flower Evil Eye Bracelet - Sugilite
14k Flower Evil Eye Bracelet - Sugilite