Doli Bracelet


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Doli  Bracelet
Doli  Bracelet


✫ 14k Yellow Gold accents

✫ Turquoise beads

✫ Cross evil-eye shell charm

✫ Tan adjustable silk cord

✫ Handmade with love 


Adjustable - Approximately 6inch+


Turquoise (The Fallen Sky Stone): Wholeness, communication, and spiritual expansion.

Turquoise is not only the stone for finding wholeness and truth, but it is also an aid in the communication and manifestation of those qualities. It stimulates and harmonizes the throat chakra, making it effortless for one to articulate and bring forth one's deepest wisdom. Turquoise represents the wisdom that comes from all life experiences. It is an ancient Grandfather ally, counseling one that all experiences are valid and that mistakes are simply another experience. Turquoise reminds us that wholeness can only come when we are willing to embrace the totality of who we are and we have learned on our earth walk.

Mantra: From my heart and my wholeness, I speak my truth with clarity, certainty, and love.

*** Turquoise crystal stones are believed to bring good luck when reflected the light of the new moon. ***


Doli  Bracelet
Doli  Bracelet