Feather Hoops - Green Moss Agate


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Feather Hoops - Green Moss Agate
Feather Hoops - Green Moss Agate


✫ Gold filled hoops earrings

✫ Green Moss Agate carved leaf charm

✫ Green and white color

✫ Handmade with love


Hoop Length: Approximately 27mm

Stone size: 60x13mm


Green Moss Agate: Stability, persistence, grounding

Moss Agate is one of those stones that would be beneficial to almost everyone. Its energies are modest but wholesome. Because of its grounding and balancing influences, Moss Agate encourages the spiritualization of one's life in all aspects. It helps one to transmute unwholesome tendencies in oneself which may be karmic attachments from past lives, and to find the will to replace these patterns with the divine blueprint of one's Higher Self. It assist one in bringing dreams into reality by helping one to hold clearly one's inner vision until manifestation can take place. Moss Agate, as it opens  portals of communication to the realm of the devas and Nature Spirits, brings to one's awareness the reality that the world it self is a living being, both physical and spiritual. 

Mantra: I am balanced and stable, healthy and whole and at home on the Earth.



Feather Hoops - Green Moss Agate
Feather Hoops - Green Moss Agate