Feather Hoops - Red Aventurine


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Feather Hoops - Red Aventurine
Feather Hoops - Red Aventurine


✫ Gold filled hoops earrings

✫ Red Aventurine carved leaf charm

✫ Orange-red color

✫ Handmade with love


Hoop Length: Approximately 27mm

Stone size: 60x13mm


Red Aventurine: Discernment, determination, strength, creativity, sexuality, alignment with one's highest path.

This ally helps one develop the necessary fortitude to manifest one's highest ideals through consistent action. It helps prevent one from being swayed from the course aligned with one's highest good at the same time it allows one to recognize if one is on the less-than-highest path. It encourages discernment, commitment and perseverance.

Mantra: I clearly see my highest path, I know I am capable of walking it and I am committed to achieving my destiny.

Feather Hoops - Red Aventurine
Feather Hoops - Red Aventurine