Lapis Lazuli Anklet


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Lapis Lazuli Anklet
Lapis Lazuli Anklet


✫ 14k gold rondel accents

✫ Natural Lapis Lazuli beads

✫ Adjustable cord in black

✫ Hand-made with love 


Lapis Lazuli beads 4mm

Adjustable string cord


Lapis Lazuli: Inner vision, truthful communication, royal virtues.

Lapis was used to entomb and decorate the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. As the stone of royalty and spirituality, it was unsurpassed. It still carries the vibration of the inner king or Queen that lies buried in each of us.

Lapis activates the Psych centers at the third eye, allowing one to develop enhanced intuition and access to spiritual guidance. It is a stone of visionary awareness, bringing new information to mind in images rather than words. It enhances intellectual abilities making one a better learner and teacher.

Lapis Lazuli works exceedingly well with Moldavite, facilitating the transformation to one's highest purpose. Alexandrite and Oregon Opal can assist Lapis in opening one to past-life memories. Lapis Lazuli also harmonizes with Turquoise, Rhodochrosite, Sugilite, Chrysoprase, Pietersite, Rhodonite, and Larimar.

Mantra - I claim the sovereignty and power of my highest self, and I align myself with my highest truth.

Lapis Lazuli Anklet
Lapis Lazuli Anklet