Lucky Charm Hoops


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Lucky Charm Hoops
Lucky Charm Hoops
Lucky Charm Hoops


✫ Gold filled mix match hoops 

✫ Riverstone + Green Aventurine four petal flower stones

✫ Gold Filled star and circles charms drops 

✫ Handmade with love


Length: Approximately 2.5 inch


Green Aventurine Stone: Vitality, growth and confidence

Green Aventurine is a stone of optimism and zest of life. It Helps clear and reinforce the emotional body and heart chakra. It assist one in releasing attachment to outcomes and in being more present in one's experiences. It helps one to be willing to move forward in life.

Mantra: I move forward with optimism, confidence and renewed vitality.

Riverstone: Change, acceptance and growth

Riverstone is one of the oldest continually-used crystals for strength and energy. Culled from rivers and other moving bodies of water all over the world, Riverstone embodies the fluidity, vitality and movement of ever-evolving water.

Mantra: I accept change and I become the evolution



Lucky Charm Hoops
Lucky Charm Hoops
Lucky Charm Hoops