Rose Quartz Hoops


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Rose Quartz Hoops
Rose Quartz Hoops


✫ Gold-filled hoops earrings

✫ Natural Rose Quartz heart charm

✫ Handmade with love 


Hoops: Approximately 25mm


Rose Quartz: Love, gentleness, emotional healing, release of stress, uniting with the Divine

Don't let the soft pink color and soothing energy of this stone fool you into discounting its power. Rose Quartz is one of the most important stones of our time. It stimulates and opens the heart chakra, clears the emotional body, and assists in the integration and resolution of old emotional program.
Rose Quartz is one of the most powerful stones for the activation of the Human Crystal, precisely because of its heart-healing properties. As we evolve into a new paradigm, our energetic center moves from the hara point below the navel to the heart chakra. As this shift takes place, it is highly important to clear and strengthen this chakra. The heart center is the strongest generator of light energy in the body, even stronger than the brain. The energy of Rose Quartz helps the bud of the heart unfold into a thousand-petaled lotus of light.
Meditation with Rose Quartz ca assist one in reaching a resonance with the frequency of compassion, releasing emotional patterns that are keeping one stuck, and embracing higher and finer frequencies of light.

Mantra: I open my heart to receive and express the energy of love.

-Naisha Ahsian

Rose Quartz Hoops
Rose Quartz Hoops