Sasha Earrings


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Sasha Earrings
Sasha Earrings


14K yellow gold endless hoops earrings

 Natural Black Onyx + Pyrite charms dangle   

Handmade with love 


Length: Approximately 1.5 inch long


Pyrite: Masculine energy, manifestation, action, vitality, willpower, creativity, confidence.

Onyx: Inner strength, focused attention, willpower, self-mastery, discipline, reason.

Which side should you wear each earring?

Wear your black onyx on your left ear. The left side of your body is referred to as your most sensitive and receiving side. It shields your receiving side from negative energy, psychic attack, energy vampires, and any other unwanted energy.

Wear your Pyrite on your right ear. the right side of your body represents the energy you put out in the world and is referred to as your giving side. Since you're giving out energy from the right side of your body, you want to ensure that you put out positive, protective energy for yourself. It acts as a reflective shield, as its mirror-like quality reflects any unwanted energy.

Sasha Earrings
Sasha Earrings